hey all been playin since b 4 ...oh hell doesnt mattter im a nurse with 2 kids countem 2 i make my music in my living room and its my  1st true love ....this is a great site ..enjoy yourselves that pic is twentysomething yrs old
...but back then
I PLAYED GUITAR..just look at the size of those of those hands...lmao


November 14th, 2008 + 10:11 AM  ·  buzz

why were we born w/ this need to express ourselves..why does music ..melodies trigger emotions ?
px turned me on to a term i didnt know ..i used it in my writing but was ignorant as to it is a method
i beleive he said image transference ok like a song i wrote in the early 80s really pissed me off
because i was raised on floyd zep etc ..and this was buck owens young buzz thought buck was a joke
older buzz well see's more clearly..oh yeah lyrics...
yesterday i woke up, said its time for me to go.
rubbed my eyes and got , packed my bag and hit the road.

is this image transference?

Not the man

March 7th, 2014 + 9:03 AM  ·  buzz

can I get an amen?

just felt like it !

February 10th, 2009 + 2:02 PM  ·  buzz

just feeling it ,,lookin for new tones!

what matters most

January 27th, 2009 + 12:01 PM  ·  buzz

  What matters most

there's a little girl with pigtails sittin on daddy"s tackle box
she is a waitin to go fishin with her daddy cause he promised
But a long day at the shop has her daddy kinda sore
He pulls in the drive and see's her thinkin ah man we gotta go
Thats when you know...thats when you know...what matters most
Thats when you know ...thats when you know,..what matters most

So we load the van up with our stuff, headin where the blugill bite
She's the first one at the waters edge yellin dad it's fishin time
It aint before she's rellin in sayin dad these blugill fight
I'm the designated deck hand watchin wide eyes smiling brite
Thats when you know....thats when you know...what matters most
Thats when you know,..thats when you know...what matters most

But the years go by so fast, that we must hold onto each day...
And the tears I told her wouldnt last, came back in other ways..
so I hold onto each memory, like they happened yesterday.............................

As the years go by the pigtails mommy once put in her hair..
Been replaced by all these telephones that seem glued to each her ear's
Now the day has come she's waited for as I walk her down the aisle
Moomy's smiling thru the tears that flow like a river runnin wild...
Thats when you know....thats when you know...what matters most....
Thats when you know...thats when you know....what matters most

But the years go by so fast , that we must hold onto each day
And the tears I told her wouldn't last, came back in other ways
I unpackage all those memories as my last breath fades away..........................

And now I know that it was love that matterd most....
yes now I know ...oh yeah I matters most...............

AKA Rick

what matters most

January 23rd, 2009 + 3:01 PM  ·  buzz

need alot a help with this 1 carston? TG, px.. very rough draft ..but can come togther quick
need a bass line please, as i dont own 1 at the moment
ty buzzz

mixing softwatre

January 16th, 2009 + 1:01 PM  ·  buzz

anyone know of any text, video ,online classes..on the art?
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